shared offices for globally minded people

Great talent is never geographically bound.

The contemporary office is defined by your peace of mind and preferably a strong internet connection that enable you to deliver your best results from anywhere at anytime.

It can sometimes boil down to working from your mobile device, but then again sometimes you really feel like having a desk to put your laptop on. There are days when the hippest cafe just doesn’t do it for you and working from home lets you procrastinate way too much.

Cabin fever or the office plant?

Little soho has been designed with focus in mind. The office has a limited occupancy of 10 people, which assures us all that the room will never get too crowded, too socially distracting or too loud (unless we want to throw a party). We all want to be able to be as productive as we possibly can, yet remain human at the same time and enjoy our tea (and share a cookie when the sugar level drops in the afternoon).